Palm Top 10 – Fall Cleaning

Fall has almost upon us. While we are used to the term “Spring Cleaning”, we think fall cleaning is just as important. Here’s our fall checklist to prepare your facility for the coming winter.

1. Green proof: Start off the new season with a new cleaning strategy. Transitioning from
conventional to a green cleaning program.

2. Entryway floor mat preparation: Installing 10 to15 feet of matting near each entrance helps capture ice melt and sand before it spreads throughout the facility.

3. Find traffic patterns: Examine traffic patterns on carpets, which could signal where you may need
to place more matting. 

4. Repair your floors: Soils and ice melt can become trapped in chips, cracks, crevices, etc.

5. Protect your hard floor: Salt abrasion and friction from boot attack your floor during the winter months. Plan to build the finish to create “wear-off” coats that will save the flooring beneath from physical damage.

6. Clean your windows: Dirty Windows block natural light and can be a major source of lost heat.

7. Keep workspaces safe: Workspaces are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. An adequate clean on these spaces is vital before the winter and on.

8. Carpet Prep: Thoroughly cleaning carpets before winter can help keep them clean throughout the cold winter months.

9. Protect stainless steel: Wet gloves, moisture and debris from boots can cause stainless steel to look dirty quickly. 
Incorporate nanotechnology to create a nonstick surface.

10. High Ceiling Cleaning: Ignoring the dust and debris that settles on high structures like lighting, shelving, or air ducts can become a major problem when those dust and debris begin to fall.

Please contact your account manager or if you have any questions or would like further details on any of these services.

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