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How to De-ice Your Driveway Without Harmful Rock Salt

The unexpected ice storm this past Sunday has raised a lot of concerns for future cold fronts. Ice can be impossible to both walk and drive on, even with top of the line snow tires. When ice builds up on driveways, the first thing people usually turn to is salt. But salt will not only corrode pavement, it can

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What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat At?

he Washington DC area is notorious for its unpredictable weather. One day it snows four inches, the next it is warm and sunny. This constantly changing weather causes several homeowners to become confused about what temperature to set their thermostat. With energy bills already causing enough stress, the last thing you need is to constantly argue about the thermostat. advises

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Palm Facility Services Sets Groundwork for Growth with New Partnership, Leadership Structure

Following years of strategic growth in the Washington Metropolitan area, Palm Facility Services, a leading provider of facilities management, engineering and maintenance services, is proud to announce general manager Matthew Palm has been named a partner in the company, joining founding partners Herb Palm and Lance Ford. Palm’s promotion supports the evolution of the company’s dynamic leadership structure and its commitment

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DIY 3-Ingredient All-Purpose Cleaner

All-purpose cleaners are effective, but often contain harmful chemicals. They can even become costly, especially when searching for a green alternative. Luckily, you most likely have the three ingredients needed to make your very own all-purpose cleaner. This recipe is effective, eco-friendly and inexpensive. Just take the ingredients below and mix them in a spray bottle to use at any

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