How to De-ice Your Driveway Without Harmful Rock Salt

The unexpected ice storm this past Sunday has raised a lot of concerns for future cold fronts. Ice can be impossible to both walk and drive on, even with top of the line snow tires. When ice builds up on driveways, the first thing people usually turn to is salt. But salt will not only corrode pavement, it can cause serious environmental damage. Rock salt can wreak havoc in your garden and it can seep into soil contaminating groundwater. One of the best ways to prevent dealing with ice all together is to shovel throughout a storm instead of waiting. This way the snow does not build up and form a layer of ice at the bottom.

If you wake up to find an icy driveway, here are some more environmental friendly ways to de-ice:

1. Mix salt based products with sand or cat litter to decrease its potency. It will also help create more traction for shoveling or driving.

2. Check out your local home improvement store for products that have no salt and are safe to use with pets. An employee can help you find a product that best fits your individual needs.

3. Use calcium chloride, or better yet potassium chloride, which are less-harmful alternatives to rock salt.

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