The Palm Way


Our diverse, talented and Hardworking team is our most valuable asset. Our workforce delivers core services daily, with an unsurpassed level of professionalism and industry expertise. We firmly believe that delivering quality service can only be achieved by quality treatment of our team members.

The Palm Way™ is our proprietary training system. It is designed to improve safety, service-level consistency, and quality while minimizing costs and complaints. This system enhances building health and indoor air quality for the benefit of employees, tenants and the environment. The Palm Way™ includes the use of our high performance, CRI® certified equipment, occupant training and recycling.

The Palm Way™ continues training from initial orientation through ongoing development. Our teammates are provided site-specific training, and are fully certified and highly knowledgeable in their individual areas of responsibility.


Prioritized Safety

We enforce protocols and regular inspections to fully comply with all OSHA, EPA and MSDS regulatory requirements.

Engaged Management

On-site supervision and regular communication ensure consistent and exceptional customer service.

Uniformed Team

Our professional presence is just another way we enhance the overall image and security at your property.

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