4 Ways to Keep Your Entryway Clean This Winter

During the winter season, entryways are destined to become a disaster. Colder weather means more winter coats and gloves to be left behind. And snow can bring in dirt and slush that poses as a hazard to your friends and family. To prevent mess and disorganization in your entryway this winter, try these four simple tips:

  1. Buy a doormat. A doormat can make all the difference during the winter season. Choosing the right material can change a messy doorway into a clean one, without all the hassle involved with a mop or broom. The material that cleans well and dries the quickest is coco brush. Next time you are out at the store, look around for a coco brush doormat to prevent snow and dirt from entering your home.
  2. Provide a shoebox. Shoeboxes are a great way to prevent snow and other wetness from tracking into a home. Encourage your family and friends to place their shoes in the box while inside. This way you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their company.
  3. Hang a coat hooks. A doorway can quickly become disorganized when extra winter layers come into play. To avoid clutter, hang coat hooks along the wall or purchase a stand-alone coat rack. Now coats will have a designated place, instead of in front of the doorway.
  4. Keep a towel on the coat rack. Even the best doormats cannot prevent all dirt and mess from entering a doorway. By hanging a towel on the coat rack, your friends and family can quickly wipe away excess slush from the floor and their shoes.

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