3 Tips To Leave Work Stress Behind On Your Vacation

When you finally decide to use your vacation days, the last thing you want is work stress looming over your head. Vacation days should be spent relaxing and taking a break away from work, not checking your email every hour or worrying about that project you haven’t finished. Here at Palm Facility Services, we want to give you three tips to ensure that you have a work stress free vacation:

  1. Prepare. Make sure you notify your supervisor, teammates and clients that may need to contact you while you are gone. Although it may seem simple to just check your inbox at least once daily, the stress of not being able to solve issues away from the office can become enormous. Explain to them that you will be available as soon as you get back and leave a phone number in case of any emergencies. This way you can focus on relaxing, instead of refreshing your inbox.
  2. Organize. When you return, realize that will most likely be behind and have some catching up to do. To prevent yourself from being overwhelmed, make a list of what needs to be done and prioritize it. The top of your list should include projects that could not continue and issues that could not be resolved without your help. This will lessen your anxiety and show your team that you care.
  3. Act. Take your to-do-list one step at a time. Everyone knows that you will need a few days to catch up, just be diligent. If you prioritized your list well enough, you will be caught up in no time!

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