Can Your Cleaning Contractor Reduce Your Energy Costs?

Electricity is typically a commercial property manager’s most costly operating expense. As a result, cleaning contractors now provide energy reducing strategies that can positively diversify performance and assist property managers in efforts to acquire and retain business with clients.

When compared to a building’s total operating costs, a cleaning contractor’s energy saving contributions may seem small. Every penny saved contributes to the bottom line and is of value to the managers who are evaluated on the financial performance of his or her managed assets. Below are some examples on how cleaning contractors can cut energy costs:

  • Day cleaning to eliminate the need for lighting and elevator use at night – The subsequent savings in energy costs are significant and tenant satisfaction has been shown to increase substantially. Additionally, the need for day porters and security may be eliminated or reduced to provide further savings.
  • Utilizing battery powered vacuum cleaners, which are recharged during off-peak energy cycles
  • Coordinating cleaning operations to minimize elevator use (2nd biggest energy cost after HVAC). Just take the stairs!
  • Using cold water for carpet cleaning and other water based cleaning methods

In the end, partnering with a cleaning contractor to reduce energy consumption in a sustainable manner is both a good business strategy and an environmentally conscious contribution to the wellbeing of our planet.